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The girls were also alighting one after another. Horikita, upon alighting, seemed like she wanted to talk to me but unfortunately, we were already lining up and as such, that proved to be impossible.

Boys and girls were then split up and we each headed over to the school building. The boys to the larger one, which is what they call the main building.

Once we stepped inside the building, the somehow familiar scent of timber tickled our noses.

"It's an old-fashioned wooden building. It seems to be several years old but it looks pretty well maintained. It's really beautiful".

Hirata said so but it appears everyone else agrees with him as well.

Along the way, in a room that appears to be a classroom of some sort, there was no air-conditioning installed but rather a stove had been placed at the center of it.

Probably starting from tomorrow, we'll have lessons in classrooms like that one.

We then passed by what appears to be a gymnasium.

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The boys from Class A and Class B arrive and they looked in our direction.

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Afterwards, Class D entered and next up would probably be the 2nd and 3rd years.

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We were instructed to form a line, stand still and wait for further instructions.

Class A, and Class B too, appeared calm and did not chat amongst themselves. I should assume they've already come up with some sort of strategy on the bus.

The boys from across all school years assembled in the gymnasium. Feeling uncomfortable, the 1st years immediately assembled and awaited further instructions without making a fuss.

Not too long afterwards, someone who looked like the teacher of a different school year stood up on a stage with a microphone in hand and spoke to the students.

"I'll assume you've all received prior explanation in the bus regarding the contents of this exam and that you've digested it. As such, there will be no further explanation of it here. Now then, we'll be forming our small groups here so I'll have you set aside time for this. Each school year will hold a discussion in order to create six small groups. Furthermore, as for the formation of the large groups, it'll take place at 8 pm today. That's all. This is supplementary information but when it comes to partitioning the groups, irrespective of size, the school will not interfere. And we will not act as arbitrators either".

Instructions for the boys to do as they wish were conveyed. Before we form the large groups, we'll need to start with the small groups.

Alright then, I wonder what sort of the strategy the other classes will go with and what objectives will they be aiming for. They should have, to a certain extent, already come up with a strategy on the bus but let's see.

Each school year took their distance and inside the gymnasium, we began to partition ourselves into groups. I'm curious about the movements of the other school years but from this distance I won't be able to ascertain the finer details.

As I casually observed the senior students like that, the partitioning of groups commenced and before even a few seconds had passed, there was movement from within the 1st year classes.