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But, on this occasion, Leia had already made a huge mistake.

She was so wary of Allen Rodore’s『talent』that she overlooked Allen Rodore’s『anomaly』.

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And after this day, Allen single-mindedly trained『Darkness』.

Even while walking.

Even while taking classes.

Even while swinging.

Even while eating.

Even while taking a bath.

As long as he was awake, he single-mindedly trained『darkness』.

The『endurance』that he acquired at the end of a billion years made it possible.

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Finally, it was the day of the Sword King Festival.

August 3rd…

Pei Qian brought Lu Mingliang and went to the Upwind Courier station near Ming Yun Villas.

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Ever since the idea of Upwind Courier stations had been raised the previous month, almost three weeks had passed. At present, many Upwind Courier stations had already been opened.

The preliminary preparations had been rather troublesome. All hundred Upwind Courier stations needed to recruit branch managers, express deliverymen, purchase warehouse racks, and office supplies; contact had to be established with all the various express delivery companies and custom-made software for the movement of goods had to be ordered as well.

Finally, most Upwind Courier stations could now begin operations.

Pei Qian took this matter very seriously. After all, there were risks in creating games; the risk of accidentally making profits from games was rather huge.

If he really wanted to lose much money, he had to rely on Upwind Logistics.