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After packing up all the equipment, everyone got ready to head back to their homes.

Huang Sibo spoke to everyone, “You guys can head off first; I have some private matters to attend to.”

No one questioned further.

Huang Sibo waved down a taxi as he went to the coffee place that he had arranged to meet his friend at.

After ten-odd minutes, the taxi reached the place.

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Huang Sibo got off the cab as he looked at the familiar and yet slightly foreign building in front of him almost as if he had been cut off from this world for a long time. This building had three words written on the second floor: Shang Yang Games. This was the game company that Huang Sibo had used to work in.

Previously, Huang Sibo had been working at the lowest level of the company, helping to do miscellaneous work and rough planning. He had suffered many grievances and hardships; he naturally didn’t make many friends.

Only with someone else who had been working in the gallows with him did he have a decent relationship with. After all, they were in the same predicament and had weathered hardships together; they more or less felt that they were in the same boat and had bonded.

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When Huang Sibo had passed his interview and entered Tengda—although he occasionally kept contact with this friend, he didn’t mention his work much.

Why was that?

On one hand, Huang Sibo had always been doubtful whether he had made a wrong move and entered a swindle company; he didn’t dare to tell his brother about this. After that, realizing how good the company treated its workers while its games had gotten much success, he then felt it was a little awkward to talk about his work as if he was boasting.

He was afraid that his brother might become mentally unstable.

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After a while, as Huang Sibo had been kept busy by the short videos and this brother of his had had to work overtime constantly, they didn’t manage to find a chance to meet. Finally, now that the New-Year holidays were over, the two had managed to find some time to meet and catch up.

Huang Sibo sat in the coffee place for a while, and before long, this brother of his arrived as well. He was around 1.7 meters, and he had gone a little out of shape due to the constant overtime. Although he looked a little self-absorbed, he had actually cleaned himself up rather well.

As for any special traits about him, his hands were very nice, white, and thin. It was obvious he hadn’t really had to work much when he was young.

“Yiqun, over here.” Huang Sibo raised his hand and waved. This brother immediately saw Huang Sibo and sat down opposite the table. His full name was called Ma Dubiao; however, no one would call him that normally. Everyone called him Ma Yiqun.

Ma Yiqun was in charge of plot planning in Shang Yang Games. He was a prim and proper Chinese Language and Literature university graduate; his family was all very cultured. This name had been given to him by his grandfather who was a classical literature professor at a university.