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Aguri-san absorbed all the information. She took the cup of hot chocolate and started drinking.

I followed her and took a sip of my coffee as well. The two of us just relaxed our minds and looked out the window. The roads are painted by the dusk. The snow is being stepped on. The people and the cars are on their way home, crossing around the city.

“…Everyone’s fighting on their own…”

“…I guess you’re right…”

…What was Chiaki thinking when she explained everything to Tendou-san alone? After Tendou-san heard it, what was she thinking when she broke up with me and visited Chiaki?

Once I started thinking about this, I can always feel a tinge of pain and bitterness in my chest, perhaps even a sense of craziness and desperation. …How unbelievable. However, …even if I did hear them talking about “Keita Amano.” …I think I’m not supposed to intervene.

It’s because that story belongs to Chiaki. At the same time, it belongs to Tendou-san as well.

I finished the remaining bitter coffee. So, I realized that Aguri-san is looking at me.

“Amanocchi, let me ask you this. …Are you happy now?”

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“You want to ask that to a guy who just broke up?”

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Although I smiled bitterly, I immediately puffed up my chest and answered.

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“I’m happy. Even though I failed the ‘relationship’ part, how can I not be happy when everyone is so caring for me.”

After Aguri-san heard what I said, she smiled right away and nodded.

“Yeah, I was thinking about that too. A lot of people do care about us.”

“Yep, you’re right.”

“…Thank you, Amanocchi.”