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The students of White Lily Academy inserted a piece of white paper taken out of their pockets into Idol-san’s box.

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While her box was being filled up with great excitement, mine and Sid-san’s were completely empty.

「Betting paper?」

As I whispered to myself at the unknown word,

「Yes, betting paper. You bet money on people whom you think is going to place first in the ability measurement of that grade. Just small gambling. Come to think of it… Allen and the others haven’t had the betting paper distributed yet, right? If you ask the physical education committee, you can get it too.」Idol-san explained, standing next to me.

「I see.」

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In other words, the students of White Lily Academy were convinced of Idol-san’s victory.

Which could also be interpreted as, they don’t want neither Sid-san nor I to win.

「Muh… I’ll go put it in!」

「Fufu… From an objective point of view, Allen is the only possible choice.」

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Ria and Rose said, and got two betting papers from the physical education committee.

And in the betting column, they wrote “100, 000 Gold” and cast it in the black box that read Allen Rodore.