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To my question, Tendou-san remained silent and slowly closed her eyes first.

With that, she pondered about it with her eyes closed for nearly 10 seconds.

When Tendou-san opened her eyes again, …that pair of blue pupils were already boiling with a firm determination.

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She faced me directly and slowly spoke up…

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“No. I don’t want to keep it the same as before with you anymore.”


Even though I was prepared for this already, but my throat still froze when I actually heard that.

During this time, Aguri-san suddenly spoke up from behind.

“Eh, w-wait up, Tendou-san, Amanocchi didn’t do anything wrong-“


I yelled and stopped her. Although Aguri-san is still not willing to let this go and said, “but…!” When I looked back and mumbled, “thank you,” she almost cried out for a moment, but she bit her lips and lowered her head before backing down.

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I faced Tendou-san once again and tried my best to squeeze a smile on my face.

…Honestly, I wanted to cry right now. I really can’t hold my tears back if Aguri-san continued to defend me.

However, …I can’t let a girl that I’ve respected for so long to see such a feeble side of mine.

Just as everyone’s watching the event unfolds silently, I continued.