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The Buddha statues would act as save points, where players could restore previous states and refresh the surroundings beasts. Tudi statues, on the other hand, could be used to collect wandering ghouls from the surroundings. These would increase the character’s skills.

There was not much content to the game because they had a limited budget. The entire game would probably last twelve to thirteen hours. Of course, this was only if players were familiar with battle and could make consistent progress.

If they were newbies, it would take them much longer to complete the game; they might end up playing for tens of hours or forever.

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The game was not linear. From time to time, players would be required to turn back mid-way in order to advance to the next location.

For example, at the start of the game, players would have to go to the town which was completely overtaken by wandering ghouls. After defeating the grievous spirits gathered there, they would receive an initial boost in powers. Then, they had to collect several special props which would help them defeat wandering ghosts (such as Buddhist beads, amulets, and the like). After that, they had to turn around and head back to the village. From there, they could only enter the Road to the Underworld after killing an old man and following his soul.

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If players did not go to that town and killed the old man immediately to follow his soul onto the Road to the Underworld instead, the entire journey would be extremely difficult.

Players would face a similar choice in Yama’s palace. They could choose to go deep into Yama’s palace, kill the magistrates and Yama himself, and then turn into a true malicious spirit. They could also choose to enter the messy six realms of rebirth and existence and reincarnate as a human. Then, they could escape far away from this world.

Otherwise, they could choose to go into the bottom-most level of hell and kill the crazed ruler of the place. This way, they would be sacrificing themselves in order to suppress the grievous spirits.

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There would be three to five different outcomes. The outcome players got would depend on critical decisions that they made during the game. The clues to guide players in making each of these decisions would be hidden within the game’s plot.

Throughout the game, players would get to talk to a few NPCs. They could also kill bosses or wandering ghouls and obtain their souls in order to access their memories. From there, they would be able to listen to narrations and fragments of memories.

There would also be clues hidden in key props or scenes (such as at the Three-Life Stone). These would hint at players where the more obscure clues could be found.

Scenes like the Three-Life Stone could be counterproductive as well. Depending on players’ choices throughout the game, the hint that appeared on the Three-Life Stone could be different. This, in turn, would affect key events in the plot.

Of course, as players went down different paths, they would also meet with different monsters on their journey. Giving the same scene multiple different uses would be a good use of their money.

These hints would be the main tool Pei Qian would use to dissuade foreign players from trying the game out.

Pei Qian did not ask for these games to be written in poetry; this would make the game far too difficult.