How to help people watch eight words online

How to help people watch eight words online

"Ayanokouji-kun did? I-I see. That's a relief. Normally I don't have much contact with Kushida-san so I was afraid I had done something to make her angry".

She patted her chest in relief. It seems that the Sakura that was called out by Kushida no longer feels uneasy. Towards that Sakura, I decided to confront her with a simple question.

"Even so you're quite early. There's still about 30 minutes until the promised time".

"That's...I was anxious that I needed to get here early".

Still flustered, she explains as such to me.

"But I see, it was Ayanokouji-kun. The one who called me. I'm really relieved".

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As she pats her chest after having felt relief from the bottom of her heart, the nervousness she had felt earlier unravelled and her expression returned to its usual calmness.

"But why? If you wanted me for something you could've just directly called me out".

"Ahh, no, it's a bit. There's a bit of a complicated situation going on".

"A complicated situation?".

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How do I explain this? In regards to this, I was also slightly troubled. Biologically speaking, I've already extensively studied the difference between men and women academically but when it comes to applying that knowledge in reality like this, I had not learnt any strategies. And here the problem isn't only the difference between our sexes but I will also need to factor in Sakura's individual personality and feelings as well. This is a complex and strange aspect of society that human beings with intellect had constructed.

Time had been passing while I had been considering that. The longer the silence, the more her caution would rise.