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“Yes. How careless of me.”


The handsome boy and the beautiful girl laughed as they talked to each other, and there’s a short winter melon in the middle spectating unhappily, that’s me.

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Tendou-san finally looked back at me during this time as she invited me again.

“So, because of that, Amano-kun, do you want to revisit the Game Club?”

“The “because of that” you just said…it’s because of what?”

I answered like I’m slightly throwing a tantrum.

“…Uh, Amano-kun, it’s because I want to spend more time to be together with you…”

“Then let’s go, Tendou-san!”

I instantly grabbed my bag and made up my mind as I stood up heroically.

After Uehara-kun saw me like this, he mumbled dumbfoundedly.

“Sometimes, I feel like you’re actually a guy full of manliness…”

“Hey, the weakling from the Game Hobby Club, you’re still here?”

“I take back what I’ve said. You’re truly the lowest scum on this Earth.”

“Tendou-san’s really cute. Nothing on Earth is more important than this fact, right.”

“Your personality is seriously going haywire! We even reflected on ourselves last time, I just feel like an idiot now!”


What’s Uehara-kun talking about? Although I’m not sure, now’s not the time for that.

I turned to Tendou-san and answered her clearly.