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The two of us left the library and joined back up with Nanase.

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“Pardon me, Senpais. Uhm… Hōsen-kun is on the line.”

Nanase held out her muted phone, presenting it to Horikita.

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Horikita took the phone, set it to speaker mode, and set about confronting Hōsen.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

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[Yo. I’ve heard the gist of it from Nanase.]

“I’d like to meet in person and explain it to you myself, if I could.”

[No need. Meetin’ up won’t do jack shit.]

After an audible laugh in the background of the call, Hōsen spoke.

“By that… you mean you’re not even willing to negotiate?”

[Exactly. I didn’t even wanna talk with ya on the phone, but Nanase was bein’ stuck up ‘bout it.]

“But Hōsen-kun, I think we should consider what Horikita-senpai has to say.”

[Shut up bitch. Who the fuck you think you are? Huh? I’ll fucking kill you.]