Technology does not need to make money online

Technology does not need to make money online

Such detailed, professional, easy to understand and very down-to-earth content gave Phil’s fans a strong sense of participation. They could see the details of all aspects of the operation from an omniscient point of view. At the same time, their admiration and trust for Phil deepened.

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The superheroes were unhappy with Phil’s actions, but they could do nothing about it.

That was because what Phil said was very smart.

In most cases, he would criticize those down on their luck with the officials after the mission failed—these were superheroes who did not have many fans and made obvious mistakes;

In a small number of cases, he would be generous with his praise for the superheroes who had completed the mission and had more fans, winning the favor of these superhero fans;

Phil would criticize the Superhero Association under extremely rare circumstances. However, the Superhero Association was a huge business. It was impossible for them to really fight with Phil. What’s more, it would only generate more popularity for Phil if they really fought.

Phil was in the perfect position: the position of an outsider.

That was because he had no interests with the superheroes. He was giving directions with the perspective of God, so Phil himself had no flaws. The people were very supportive and encouraged his behavior. The other superheroes had to worry about the public’s influence even if they were unhappy and wanted to teach Phil a lesson.

Ten months passed just like that.

The fans that Phil had accumulated as a mentor in the “Successor” program had been perfectly converted into his personal fans. A large number of people really believed that Phil was a person with genuine talent.

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Everyone knew that Phil had assistants but which superhero did not have assistants and managers? It was very normal to have assistants. Most people still believed in Phil’s personal abilities.

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Ten months later, Phil finally found another opportunity.

This time, the black apprentice in ‘Successor’ was severely injured and made unconscious by a super criminal who was stronger than him because of his misjudgment of the criminal’s strength.