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「The location is Ringard National Laboratory. There is a full array of the latest precision equipment, so you should be able to devote to the research without any inconvenience. This time, we have submitted a research request to a medical doctor who is noted as『the best in the world』.」

「B-Best in the world…!?」

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「Yes. She is a fearsomely excellent individual who established a treatment for various incurable diseases at a young age. Moreover, she has a remarkable track record not only in medicine but also in science, mathematics, history, and various other fields. A remarkable individual whom the word『genius』fits perfectly.」

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It seems that an incredible person will participate in this research.

「Personality wise, she’s a little… No, she’s quite problematic, but… her abilities are the real deal.」Tenshi-sama said, while scratching her cheeks.

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「I-Is that so… Then we should try not to displease them…」

It may be a prejudice, but I have an image of geniuses usually being uncooperative in my head.

(It will become troublesome if I say something strange, so…)

I have to be careful when choosing my words.

「According to schedule, it’s about time for her to arrive, but…」

At the same time when Tenshi-sama glanced at the clock, there was a knock on the door.

「Speak of the devil… It looks like she just arrived.」

When Tenshi-sama issued permission to enter the room,

「E-Excuse me…!」

The door slowly opened, and a little girl stepped into the room with a meek look on her face.

Her height is roughly 140 centimeters.

She has youthful skin and a face so childlike, she probably couldn’t buy sake at stores.