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No, that’s right.

「What are you saying, Tre’ainar? Oh, you’re...」

『Tis no issue. After all, tis but a small girl. She is no opponent to me.』

「No, no, no... But...」

I never thought that Tre’ainar would step up himself.

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What’s his state of mind?

『Child. Were it simply to earn meager funds, I would not intervene as tis the child’s trial... but, the circumstances are special this time. For the time being, I wish to reward the ogre for saving the child as the Great Demon King.... if tis to buy a cake and other articles, then I shall assist you.』

This is not for me, but for Mr. Aka.

In a way, Tre’ainar, who was once the King of the all Demons, is trying to reward a demon that lives in the present....

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『Also.... much funds would be required if you are to purchase books. Everything you bought was abandoned at your home, was it not?』

......that’s the real purpose, isn’t it? But, well...

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「Seriously! Still, you have a point.... it sounds interesting.」