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She, who is surprisingly a romanticist, has always had this dream in her heart since she was a child; to become a『bride』.

Someday, Prince Charming will show up and release her from the heavy responsibility of『Arcstria』.

He would make her forget about her position, her family standings, her duties, and make her his one and only bride.

She has always dreamed of such an ideal man to appear someday.

Once, when she talked about that to Lillim and Ferris, they burst out laughing.

『Pu… Hahahahaahah! My goodness… Prince Charming!!』

『S-Sie… E-Even I think that’s a little too much like a little girl, though…』

『Muu… Y-You don’t laugh so much!』

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Since then, Sie has not told anyone about Prince Charming, shutting it away in her heart.

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However, the pure and innocent girl still believed even after many years.

That the man of her fate – her Prince Charming – will carry her away.

But reality was cruel.

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She was sold by her home country, which feared the power of the mighty demons, and will be used by Numero as his plaything and thrown away someday.