Software day knot 6

Software day knot 6

But he’s not here.

There is, everyday Sadiz, that girl keeps it tidy.... huh?


Then I saw the clothes hanging in the room’s closet.

It’s an Academy uniform.

“Uniform... Come to think of it, when he started school, the size of his new uniform was a little big, and everyone laughed.... Heh!?”

Then I noticed that I was looking at the uniform.

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Academy uniforms vary in size from student to student.

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And Earth said, ‘I’ll grow taller soon anyway’, and ordered a slightly larger size.

At that time, I happened to hear the story from Sadiz, so I knew the size of the uniform.

“No... it’s bigger than the large size I wore when I entered... Oh...”

Why is the size of the uniform changing? I didn’t understand it for a moment, but it was so simple.

Earth was growing, so the uniform wouldn’t fit, so I also put down a new uniform.

“I see... Earth...... you...... you’ve grown... so much...”

Yes, I didn’t know that.

And I didn’t even notice it.

Why didn’t I notice?

Because I wasn’t looking at Earth.

“I’m... even that... I didn’t see it.... I didn’t realize...”