Is it true that the help people know how to make money?

Is it true that the help people know how to make money?


“Everyone, think about what type of game you should create first.”

Obviously, the first step was to confirm the game type.

Even though it was made blindly with the aim of losing money, the game genre had to be clear. If the game genre was not clear, Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin would have a lot of imagination. The final game might be too different from what Pei Qian had expected.

To other games companies, this often meant that projects would fail and lose money. However, to Tengda, this most likely meant making a killing.

Thus, Pei Qian had to try his best to eliminate these uncertainties.

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Everyone looked at each other and quickly raised their hands to speak.

“I think action-based games are not bad!”

“Doubt VR glasses are selling very well. The Fitness Battle VR version is also very popular. How about taking the opportunity to develop a VR game masterpiece?”

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“I think we can create an FPS game with two endings.”

“MMORPG, can you consider it?”

Everyone was talking at once.

Everyone present might be designers, but different designers had different game preferences. Under such unrestricted circumstances, everyone’s speech would obviously be affected by their own game preferences.

Say whatever you can think of.

Pei Qian listened quietly, his already messy thoughts getting even messier.

Such a discussion method would not do!

That was because everyone present was a core member of Shang Yang Games. They had been in the game development for so long and were very good at business. Their proposals might be influenced by their personal preferences but they were basically reliable proposals.