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『Well, I have yet to convince you. Nothing I can do about it now. 』

Yes, it can’t be helped anymore.

Just because I was the only one who could see and hear his voice, it is not possible for the Demon King to affect the world now.

That’s why all he can do is to see the world my father and his comrades have won through me.

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I feel a little pity for this guy who can only do that, but I decided not to ask any more questions, because it was not my place to say anything about it.

However, this is how the Demon King is honestly expressing my feelings, and hearing that I asked other things I was concerned with.

“Hey...’The Hero’, Hiro...... My father... Was he strong?”

『Huh? Hiro? 』

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“Ah. I’m my father’s son, but I haven’t had any practice with him, and now we’re at peace, so I’ve never seen him fight seriously.”

My father is the great existence who I can’t avoid always being compared to.

However, I do not know father’s actual ability because I only know the achievements and honors that he accomplished.

In that respect, he and my father were adversaries who fought to kill each other.

In a sense, it is no exaggeration to say that he knows my father’s power more than anyone else.

『Hiro... my opinion of...... your father... 』


『...... Or rather, the Heroes...... 』