Is it true if you make money on the net?

Is it true if you make money on the net?

This guy…

“Hey, Bro! What are you trying to….”

“I’ll drag him along like this, and turn myself in to the Imperial City.”

“Ha… Haah!?”

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“Events and transactions using monsters in this gambling den… I will testify to everything, including any connection with the Anti-Imperialists.”

Bro’s distinction when he said he would graduate from delinquency.

However, the moment he said that, the adults naturally got angry.

“Nah, this fucking crap!”

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“No way, our moneyman… the Minister…… and are you going to shut down this gambling den?”

“From now on, when we’re just about to make a big profit to revive the family…”

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“tch, like hell we’ll let that happen! Hey, boys, let’s do it!”

“Oh, this fucker, I’m going to kill you!”

That’s right. In the first place, there’s no way they’re going to allow that.