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“Wh... at?”

So Kron said, “What?” and I was a little upset that the girl I had just met today knew that in the first place.



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Tre’ainar nodded at Kron’s words, somewhat impressed.

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That reaction from Treina, who now sees me more than anyone else.

In a way, it’s like saying Kron’s words were not wrong, and I couldn’t help but react.

That’s why I couldn’t ignore Kron’s words as just foolish, and I had no choice but to listen to them.

“Why... do you think so?”

“My intuition.”

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“Yes. So if you could tell me a little more about Earth, Earth’s past, the people Earth has spent time with so far, the people Earth has met so far, I might understand more...”

Are those words saying, “Tell me about your past”?