The man known on the Internet said to make money together.

The man known on the Internet said to make money together.

It was entirely possible!

At that thought, Pei Qian began to think of a plan.

A moment later, he sent a message to the employee in charge of the TPDb website.

“Modify the Tengda Spirit test. Finish it before the new batch of employees enter.

“Reduce the number of questions and extend the duration for each question. Under each question, insert a box for candidates to write their own input. Get them to explain in detail why they chose this option!”

Pei Qian still felt that something must have gone wrong with the Tengda Spirit test. Thus, he decided to use this method to find out.

The Tengda Spirit test was the last segment of the recruitment examinations. Only new employees could take part in it. What’s more, Pei Qian would not need to read everyone’s answers; he would only need to read a few exam papers to find some clues.

Pei Qian only wanted to see how these people were choosing the right answer.

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Had they really developed a lazy attitude?

Of course, the answers on the test papers might not really be what those people thought.

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It was also possible that some people would be thinking of slacking, but would not dare to say it aloud when answering open questions. Instead, they would try to cover it up.

There was no way for Pei Qian to resolve this. After all, he could not read minds, and he could not decipher the employees’ true thoughts.

However, if he were to ask the employees to explain why they chose this option, and the employees’ answers were not sincere, he would at least be able to detect some flaws.