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“You aren’t mincing your words at all!”

What’s with this instant conclusion? Main-san answered me with a bitter smile.

“It’s more like I’m surprised that you guys think that I still don’t know anything. Don’t underestimate me, Main Fushiguro, alright? Naturally, I would want to mess with all of you a bit, right?”

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“…Well, so, you made us do all of that when you know everything already?”

“Yeah. Also, that ‘Uehara’ is Agu’s real boyfriend, am I correct?”


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A famous detective is way too scary. …It’s really not funny when someone you know is good at inference.

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“That’s why I’m sincerely admiring. …I can’t believe you guys actually pulled that off.”

“D-Didn’t you ask us to do it!?”

“Hiya, you’re really interesting, Amako.”

Main-san said that as she chuckled. W-Who the hell is she!? I won’t be surprised if she’s becoming an SSR+ character in a gacha mobile game the next day.

Main-san’s humming a song cheerfully as she walked in front of me. I think she got a bit too happy if it’s just because she pranked Aguri-san and me.

(I still don’t understand this person…)