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Of course, the club knew that it would only be taking a portion of the one million US dollars. However, prizes were never the club’s goal anyway: it was fame, exposure, and glory.

If they won the international competition, all kinds of sponsors and live-streaming platforms would come knocking on their doors. Would they really have to fear not being able to make money?

So, the H4 Club had given Team Leader Su strict orders to buy Huang Wang over this time.

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“Please hold on, Team Leader Su. Boss Pei will be here very soon. Have some tea while waiting.”

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Zhang Yuan served Team Leader Su some tea, which the latter reached out and grabbed immediately. Nodding, he said, “No problem; don’t worry.”

After hearing that Boss Pei was agreeable, Team Leader Su immediately booked his tickets and rushed to Jingzhou at 7 AM. He didn’t know that Boss Pei was still sleeping soundly at that time. He thought that the latter was busy with work.

Team Leader Su sipped his tea as he thought about his mission today. Everyone had different ideas whether the members of the DGE Club were up for sale or not.

Some thought that Boss Pei was not lacking money and had spent a significant amount of funds nurturing this team. It did not look like he wanted to use the club to generate profits, and the club was not even allowed to take part in competitions in any case.

Thus, they guessed that Boss Pei had formed the club to personally play with them. He was probably quite close to them and would not be willing to sell the members.

Others thought that there was nothing in the world that was not for sale: the question was just how much one was offering.

As for Team Leader Su, he thought that both views made sense.

If he wanted to buy Huang Wang from Boss Pei, he had to be prepared to name a high price. That was especially so now, at this critical juncture, when all clubs had their eyes on the influence and prizes of the first international invitational competition.

If the H4 Club continued to hesitate, other clubs might buy DGE’s members over.

Perhaps Boss Pei didn’t care about the actual transfer fees, but he would definitely care about the sincerity that the fees would represent.

Team Leader Su could not help but feel apprehensive. He wondered if the figure that he had prepared would satisfy Boss Pei.