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"The exam's finally taking place tomorrow. What do you think about this exam, Ayanokouji-kun?".

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"That's a rather vague question".

"I want you to give me your honest impression".

"It's a little bit tougher than the exams we've had up until now, I guess. I feel like there's a high risk of expulsion".

"I guess that's true.....but we're already in our 3rd semester so isn't it natural that the level of difficulty also increase?".

"Speaking of risks, there's the 'leader' system and all right? Becoming the leader of a group".

"Becoming a leader is a very risky thing to do become the leader for the sake of winning. That's also important, right?".

I didn't deny that and lent my ear to what Ichinose has to say.

"Even if you say there's the risk of expulsion, that's still up in the air and there's no telling. Honestly, there are a lot of unseen factors. But what I'm really scared of is not losing class points or private points. At least that's what I think".

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"'re talking about your classmates?".

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"Yeah. The risk of losing a friend is unfathomable".

"If, by any chance, a classmate of yours is about to be expelled, what do you intend on doing then?".

"What I'll do, huh?".

Ichinose slowly lifted her head and laughed thinly.