Online part-time earnings and lack of students 16

Online part-time earnings and lack of students 16

- You will get 1 point for each occupation. Occupied spots can be used freely

- If you use a spot occupied by another class without permission, you will get a penalty of 50 points

- The use of Keycards is restricted to the people who became leaders

- Leaders cannot be changed without justifiable reasons

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The above-mentioned are the general rules. Subsequently, there has been also Ms. Chabashira’s explanation, but it’s written that there will be a cancellation of ‘possession rights’ once every 8 hours and if some spots are unoccupied they can be seized simultaneously in several places, even if it’s the same class that holds them down repeatedly. It’s all permitted.

If one successfully occupies three spots repeatedly every 8 hours, he can get more than 50 points at the end of the trial. However, there is a big risk there.

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Up to here, the rules are on a first-come-first-served basis. It seems to be a good mechanism if one possesses the same spots repeatedly by force. But, that’s impossible. There’s a rule written in the end about the reason.

On the 7th and last day, during roll call time, we’re entitled to the right of guessing another class’s leader.

In addition to this the classes, whose leader was caught, will lose all the bonus points they’ve accumulated so far. It was a rule that would make people hesitate in participating to the “occupation battle”, unless they had very great confidence.

“Without exception, you all get to decide one person who will be unquestionably the leader. However, you have the freedom to take part or not. If you’re not greedy and ambitious enough, you won’t become known as a leader and you will probably be over soon. When the leader is decided, please report it to me. In that occasion, we will provide a Keycard stamped with the leader’s name. You have a time limit, until today’s roll call. If you don’t decide by that time, we will decide at our own discretion here. That’s all”

In other words, even if you only stole a glance at the card, the embossed leader’s identity will surely be brought to light. With this, Ms. Chabashira’s explanation was over. The die was cast and then entrusted to the students. Hirata immediately set in motion.

“Later, there will also be time to think about who you should pick as a leader. But first, where will the base camp be? Whether we’re going to be on the beach or in the forest…we should think carefully about the spot”

Attached to the manual, was a simple map of the island. Only the size and the shape of the island were written there. The area and the inclination of the forest were absolutely unknown. I’d say this was more a blank piece of paper.

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“It seems like we have to fill in the necessary parts by ourselves”

This was confirmed by the fact that a ballpoint pen has been prepared especially for this.

“It’s okay to have a spot near the ship where all the teachers are, right?”

“No, don’t be too sure. As I suppose, there are only few spots, so near here you won’t find anything”