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「After the Christmas party, I understood something clearly.」

With a soft smile on her face, the president peered into my eyes.

(Yeah… she’s angry.)

It was plain obvious that she was in a bad mood, putting a clear distance between us, and the formal tone.

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「Err, um… What did you understood?」

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I had a bad feeling, but I asked her just in case.

「Allen-san is a『hentai』who loves to bully girls.」

「I, I see…」

Another troublesome thing as soon as I stepped into the new year…

I sighed a little and listened to the continuation of the story.

「My goodness. Allen-san at that time, had a really mean look and was having so much fun.」

『That time』is probably… the time when I had a pebble and forced the president to make a choice.

「S-Sorry… But I honestly didn’t intend to be mean.」

At that time, I was worried about Ria’s Santa hat, so I had to act a little rough.

It was really just that, and there was zero malice.