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…… Huh?

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“Wh… at…?”

Mother? The princess? Why? How?

Do you have anything to do in this town?

No, now… it can’t be…for me? But then why the princess?

But anyway, my mother is heading to this town….

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“Broooo! Leadeeeeer…. Bro? H, hey, this is… wh-what’s going on… the minister, too…. I mean, Bro, what’s with the injuries?”

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“Ah, well, I’ll talk about it later. So, what happened?”

At that time, the baguette head had a sudden change in his expression.

“N, now at the entrance of the town… th, the princess… the princess of this country, and Mamu of the Seven Heroes, came along with a few others! The guests and merchants were already in a big panic, and Mamu and the others said, ‘What the hell is this all about?’ I mean, I’m already out there panicking… hey, what do you want me to do?”

I mean, seriously…

“Kakkaka… Oh, come to think of it, I heard they were coming soon…. no way, I didn’t think they would be here today…. did they come to this town in such a hurry… ah…… well personally, it saves me a lot of trouble. It’s just…”

In that situation, Bro sighed, and at the same time put his hand on my shoulder.

“It’s inconvenient for you.”