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She dropped to her knee, and slowly fell forward on the ground.

Amidst the dead silence of the venue,


The commentator announced the outcome.

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Simultaneously, the venue erupted into cheers.

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It was so very clearly – praise towards me.

Thus, I won at the Sword Festival, and I got a large sum of 100 thousand gold as the prize money.

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Two days after the Sword Festival.

As usual, when I was swinging the sword alone in the schoolyard, a broadcast rang out – I was called to the principal’s office.

For some reason or another, I had a bad feeling about it.

(…Perhaps, it is about that rumour?)

That baseless rumour that I used a dark art and an underhanded method in the duel with Dodriel.

In a sacred duel, such underhanded methods are strictly forbidden.

Of course I didn’t do that, but the academy might not care for it.