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After calming down her daughter, Maria opened a small window and checked the situation outside.

What she saw was,

「Wh-What is this…」

The figure of villagers laying sprawled in the center of the village.

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「Village chief, Rama, Dresta…」

She immediately calmed herself down as blood rushed to her head, and grabbed Millie’s shoulder.

「Mi, Millie, let’s escape!」

「Eh, uh, okay…」

Maria led Millie by the hand and tried to sneak out of the back door of the house.

「Oi, oi… Where are you two going sneakily?」

They came across Zam Hashfeld, a member of the Black Organization who cut down the village chief and the two men.


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「Ma, Mama…」

Tension ran on their faces.

「Kukuku, that face… It’s so good! It’s the best!」