Is the online typist making money?

Is the online typist making money?

Or did Boss Pei see through my facade? Did he realize that I only replied that way because I took into account his face and was satisfied?

No, that was impossible as well.

Boss Pei was not so superficial.

Or perhaps my casual reply matched the deep meaning within Boss Pei’s question? Rui Yuchen’s brain began spinning quickly after he ruled out the two wrong answers. He realized that there must be plenty of important information hidden within Boss Pei’s simple compliment.

Could it be that Boss Pei set a seemingly wrong operating model for Fish-Catching Take-Out for some other deeper purpose?

He asked me this to test me out to see if I could understand the meaning behind it?

If I were to answer ‘this model would not be profitable’ honestly, then Boss Pei would know that I only saw the first layer and did not realize the existence of the second layer. I answered that ‘I don’t know’ proved that I did not only see the first layer but also realized the existence of the second layer.

I might not have gotten the right answer, but I was at least on track with my thoughts.

I had at least 60 marks for the workings even if I did not have full marks.

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Boss Pei probably praised me because of this...

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A series of thoughts flashed past Rui Yuchen’s mind.

Pei Qian thought Rui Yuchen was nervous when he saw Rui Yuchen’s heavy face. He could not help but smile.

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“Don’t be nervous. It isn’t important for Fish-Catching Take-Out to make money, understand?”

Rui Yuchen’s heart shook.

As expected, making profits was a secondary aim to Fish-Catching Take-Out. Its primary goal was something else!

What was it?

To provide benefits for their staff? To combine with the other industries so that Tengda could penetrate into all aspects of life? To provide consumers with healthier dishes and to change their eating habits so that everyone could live a healthy life?