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"He's not participating, it seems".

Up until the opening ceremony he had been honestly obedient or so it seemed but ultimately, it appears he won't be participating in the contests.

Kouenji will probably make the excuse that his feet hurt or that he's not feeling well to wriggle his way out of it.

Since the thought that he would place bottom if he skipped out on all the contests did not even enter his mind, the liability he'd be lies heavy on the class as well as the Red Team.

Class A too, despite having a legitimate reason, also similarly has someone who will be skipping out on all events in the form of Sakayanagi. Assuming Class C and Class B has no absentees then the Red Team will simply have to fill in the hole left by those two people. Quite a handicap.

The contest progresses smoothly.

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One after another the groups get finished up and in no time, our turn as the seventh group came. I entered the fourth course and beside me, Hirata entered the fifth course.

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Other than us, the other members included Class A's Yahiko but the rest are boys I'm not familiar with. The first ever sports festival of my life. I started off with a starting dash that was neither fast nor slow. Hirata, who ran beside me, slowly but surely passed me by and joined up with the top runners. On the other hand, in front of me were the backs of four people, hence I took 5th place.

Perhaps it's because there wasn't that overwhelming of a gap between speeds, we all ran in a crowded state. Then, without changing up the order, I finished in 5th place. As for Hirata, by a narrow margin, he shone in 1st place.

"Fuu. Good job".

Hirata, who had reached the goal before anyone else, lightly sighed and gave me such words of appreciation.

"Sorry, for being a burden".