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Online sales, the most profitable

However, I have my own business. I peeked over Tendou’s head and looked around the 2A classroom.

“I understood…Uh, is Hoshinomori still here?”

“Hoshinomori-san? Yeah, I think she hasn’t gone home yet…”

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Tendou said this as she turned back…Then, she spoke to a girl with curled up hair who’s putting her textbooks in her bag slowly at the corner of the classroom.

“Ah, Hoshinomori-san! Uehara-kun’s looking for you.”

“Eh?! Ah…U-Uehara-kun’s looking for me…? …Uwah…”

Hoshinomori’s somehow started to freak out right away. Tendou and I tilted our heads to express our confusion. She then packed up her belongings…before walking to us stiffly like she’s a robot.

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Hoshinomori came up to Tendou and me. She then spoke with her eyes rolling around.

“W-Well, um, about that, I still don’t know how I should reply now. Perhaps, should I say, I’m not prepared to hurt someone? So, if you wanted to talk to me alone, then I…!”

Tendou and I were baffled since we have no idea what’s she saying. However, …after a moment of quick thinking, I realized what she really meant.

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“I knew it, Hoshinomori still hasn’t figured out how she should deal with her feelings for Amano. She didn’t have the consciousness to rob Tendou’s lover away, so this is not the stage for discussing how to go after Amano with me, I guess she meant that.”

Come to think of it, perhaps I’m too rushed. Once I snapped out of it, I realized I’m acting like this just for my own convenience. This is my bad habit.

After I reflected on myself, I beamed Hoshinomori a warm smile to comfort her.

“I understood. Sorry, Hoshinomori. I didn’t mean to urge you to reply…”

“N-No! Don’t say that! I-I think it’s reasonable for Uehara-kun to want to know my feelings, yes! Ah, um…”

A subtle yet strange atmosphere is radiating off between Hoshinomori and me. So, Tendou spoke carefully.

“Uh, I’m not sure what’s going on, but is it alright for me to treat that the business between you two has come to an end?”

“Y-Yeah. I should say it ended unexpectedly…”